Michael Gray - Difference a DayWhen an artist records a song on album they pour quite a bit of time and energy into the track to ensure it comes to life as close to their vision as possible. Opting to take that track live in an acoustic setting poses a whole other level of trickery. Solo acoustic and, well, their true talent emerges.

From Songs For They Dying, Michael Gray has taken “Difference a Day” and given it a refreshing reworking drenched in unaltered honesty. From album-to-live setting there would appear to be just enough to catch your attention, but in fruition, the track takes on a whole new life.

Rolling picking, met humbly with the post-grunge semblance of Gray leads in the passionate reflection. The ensuing five-plus minute song is as striking in vulnerability as it is captivating. Here is “Difference a Day: Live at The Wormhole”