Michael Gray - Little BirdWith “Difference A Day” Live at the Wormhole, Michael Gray opened a window into his musical vision in an unavoidably striking way. From simplistic, yet effective, video production to his album-to-live performance spin on the track, it worked on level well beyond the simplistic setting.

Now, his humble passion plays out in, arguably, the best he’s delivered yet. As he lyrically spins “Earth and sky cannot contain/The beauty that your flight can bring” into an impassioned “Little Bird,” Gray displays a sincerity that is only overshadowed by a gripping performance. As if building passionate plea of realization, he lyrically crafts a serenade obviously meant for one, but felt by all.

Considering the video comes in at well over five minutes, with a crashing finale, there is a nearly two-minute acoustic breakdown that showcases Gray’s abilities beyond a vocal/guitar pairing that seems to flip the deck on the audience. Suddenly, it feels like Michael Gray is no longer performing to a crowd but that he is hypnotizing them into musical awe. Most importantly, he makes it seem easy. Here is Michael Gray’s “Little Bird” Live at The Wormhole: