Rooted in the realm of country since his first EP in the late 90s, Sydney-based Jamie Lindsay carries a long list of accolades and experiences that seem to be more of a collective patchwork than a stationary encampment.

Adding to his tapestry of sound, while venturing to the fringes of what would be considered by most to still be country, Lindsay releases his latest single “Simple Life”.

Spiritually found harmonies break silence to proclaim Jamie Lindsay lives for the “Simple Life”. The construct of “Simple Life” does well to propel Jamie Lindsay’s message to the forefront while foregoing virtually all instrumentation except a reveling stomp/clap beat foundation. The purity of what Lindsay pursues strikes a chord in the freeing and simplistic drive most of us dream for. The resulting anthem of anti-hustle and bustle of modern day living delivers a hook that is bound to stir a desire to escape in most, but a catchy singalong is almost all.

Jamie Lindsay’s “Simple Life”