Photo: Josh Huskin

Bob Seger captured the weary traveling musician’s inner-reflection while making it appear an anthem of hope. The groundwork that was laid so many decades ago is one that speaks, almost too honestly about the trials and tribulations musicians face while trying to achieve their dream.

The March Divide holds tightly to this naturally inset theme in Jared Putnam’s continuation of beautifully paired lyric videos. The latest, “Lie to Me” puts us shotgun for the moments he is out on the open road with only his thoughts and destination to guide him. Candid clips lay background to the narrative of fleeting hope. The starkly honest video captures a pace and reality we all too often forget comes with being a musician.  

As Seger achieved before him, Putnam achieves an outlet his latest video release that crafts a dichotomy of romanticism to sacrifice, of realism to hope. The beautifully reflective pace and tinge of Americana shape a sense of understanding that can’t be missed and shouldn’t be forgotten.

The March Divide “Lie to Me”