When is the stay-at-home order going to truly end for everyone?

When will life return to normal?

Will it return to normal?

We used to be filled with anxiety from asking ourselves if we turned the stove off. That was an easy fix. Turn around, go inside, and confirm whether or not we had. Now, we’re faced with questions that don’t have such an easy answer. Like most, Ryan Traster is asking these and seems to find an answer in “Cooler”.

Shrouded in a distorted haze that compliments the lyrical sensibility of the track, “Cooler” shifts and sways in its own stumbling poetic way that portrays that feeling one has when it feels like the world is closing in around you. As Traster puts it, “Cooler” is “an apathetic and drunken perspective of processing the current global situation.” In execution, it comes across as a tongue-in-cheek self-loathing piece, not of Traster’s own embodiment, but in reflection to those in the world at large.

Ryan Traster’s ability to reflect on the uncertain future, perhaps filled slightly with resentment, we’re all facing is a testament to his abilities as a songwriter. In the short two-minute “Cooler” he acknowledges we don’t have the answers. Just don’t take the “Cooler”.