There are certain sounds you stumble across that stop you dead in your tracks. That moment of discovery lasts but one listen; the appreciation of the sound, much, much longer.

Case in point, the sun soaked latest single/video “My Heart” from McKenna Esteb.

A song about getting over a bad relationship, the sense of freedom and beauty found in the resultant single is starkly different than the inspiration.

Esteb’s vocals immediately knock you off any expectations, but somehow stir into a concoction that makes neither her voice or the addicting instrumental the center of attention. Instead, the sound and style come together in a way you simply couldn’t imagine one without the other.  

The impression of “My Heart” is almost instantly unforgettable. It exists in a striking emotive vocal delivery soaring on a blended funky synth, dancing key-driven soul that culminates in a salve to whatever ails you. While we don’t think twice to add this to our summer playlists and while we try to decide just which part of this all-too-short, dynamic track is our favorite, check out “My Heart” by McKenna Esteb.