Good things come to those who wait. Unless you’re a music fan. Let’s face it, when you find a sound you like you want it in heavy doses and you want it now.

For fans of the Alabama based alt-rock band Carver Commodore the wait is nearly over and the reward is closer than you think.

Carving out the canyons that will inevitably house the massive sound to follow up 2019’s Tell Me What You Want, Payton Pruitt, Phillip Blevins, Noah Freeman, Clayton Christoper and David Smith have clearly spent the last (nearly) two years only getting better.

The first single off the highly anticipated sophomore record, “Queens” wastes no time at all to dump your audible consciousness into the world of their fuzzed flared rock. Explosive, addicting, and precisely the tone of what we need to ride at this moment in confusing times, the single blazes a new trail from the second you hit play. Equipped with more hooks than The Orca “Queens” jumps on snare, dives on bass, and sways on an overdrive swagger we only wish we had. Plainly put, you’re gonna need bigger speakers.  

Carver Commodore’s sophomore album is due out late 2021, in the meantime, we have “Queens”