To hell with preambles and setups, it is time to get real. The March Divide’s Lost Causes drops June 10th on Slowstart Records and the ten new tracks from Jared Putnam are unlike anything we’ve heard in quite a long time; outside of his live performances. As a final teaser to the sixth studio album, The March Divide release the visual video and single to “Dover Cir.”

The minute-twenty track begins innocently enough, striking a similar raw tone the previous single “Mont Del Dr,” but quickly takes on an almost acoustic prog rock 3/4 sound reminiscent of Howe/Kaye. As Putnam explains it is “based around a phone recording I made on vacation of an unfinished idea is brought to life by animated accompaniment made by Hector Gallardo of Subharmonic City Productions. I sometimes wish I spent more time with this idea & pushed myself to follow through making it an actual song. But when I listen back, I’m not sure it was ever meant to be anything other than what it is.” Tough to argue the logic behind that and the fact this is a side of The March Divide we haven’t seen before. Is this where Lost Causes is headed? Find out June 10th.