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For the last two years Spain’s Big Bang has continued to amaze and mesmerize us with their dynamic rock style.

We were impressed with Sin Renuncia A La Esperanza (Hope Not Given Up) in 2011 and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we were blown away with Diez Tragos in 2012.

After gaining worldwide attention from fans from Germany to Australia, from The Netherlands to Peru and from France to here at Nanobot Rock, Big Bang is quite possibly the biggest thing you might not have heard yet.

Diez Tragos is an explosive experience we willingly live again and again; so much so, it came in at number 20 on our Top Discoveries of 2012.

Just when things couldn’t get any better, Manuel, Sisco, Rafa and Francisco have turned one of our favorite tracks on the album into a video.

Have we heard “Soy Inmortal”? Yes, dozens of times. Does it get old? Never. And now, we have a seriously rocking video to accompany the track. The video is dark and sinister, but most importantly, very well done. It crams all the power rock we’d expect from these Spaniards into barely over four minutes and continues to blow us away.